Monday, July 25, 2011

Betsy' Rose

Here I am again.  I have done a lot since I last posted.  I will be posting several things over the next few postings. 

This is my color pencil painting of my Rose.  I grew this rose and took its' picture then painted it.  It is approximately 9 x 12 on meintes paper.  I did it with prismacolor pencils and gamsol. 

I did a show in Urbana 2 weeks ago and did pretty well - the weather was very, very hot but people came anyway.  It sure makes you feel good when it goes well doesn't it?

Thanks for checking my blog! 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pen & Ink Betsy!

Please look at Betsy - I have drawn her and did some pen & ink and put a watercolor wash over it.  It is definitely not done but getting there.  This picture is about 9 x 9 on watercolor arches.  I'm not pleased with her right ear but will do some fluffing to it.  Once that I did the eyes, she really came to life and looks just like my Betsy.

Any comments will be appreciated.

Thanks for looking.