Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I found out about a month ago that one of my best friends has breast cancer.  For quite some time I have wanted to start a Prayer Shawl Ministry at our church - so now is the time.  I knitted this, had it blessed by our Priest and prayed over by 5 of us girls at church who will start this ministry and presented it to my friend to use in her hours of need.  Hope this gives her many hours of knowing how much she is loved and cared for. 

There is such a need for this ministry - I have done some research on line and the wonderful stories of how this helps is amazing.  A local group of women whom get together to knit among themselves, provided one for one of their friends' husband who was very ill - after he passed away, his wife used it and still does - she says that it is a comfort to her now - feels like he has his arms around her.

This can be done for anyone - housebound, sick, military, new babies, etc -

Blessings & hugs!