Monday, November 15, 2010


Today I'm posting 'our girls'!  Betsy is a 16 month old Cavalier King Charles - 13 lbs of total love!!!!!  She is the most loving dog I have ever hand in my whole life!!!!!  I actually got her for a song - they sell for considerable money and I adopted her at 9 months because she has epilepsy - the breeder felt good about letting me adopt her since I had to put down my Cocker Spaniel in March - she was 12 and epilepsy since she was 2 years old and the breeder thought that she could would be good for us. 

Then this is her sister, Heidi - a rescued Great Pyrenees!!!!!  She is 100#'s of love - I rescued her but she bonded with my husband.  They are wonderful dogs - look out for each other - always want to be with each other - we get looked at a lot when we walk them - Mutt & Jeff. 


Mrs Bent said...

Arh they look so cute and cuddly :)


Thank you very much!!!!

Of course, I agree!

Love My Cavaliers said...

Thankyou for visiting our blog and we are just in love with your two gorgeous dogs. Great Pyrnees was my childhood dream dog. They are soooo beautiful. Cavaliers are the love of my life now though. Will look forward to reading your blog too and seeing some of your art work. Cavaliers Corner.