Sunday, June 14, 2009

Well, Katie is back by popular demand. I was asked to do this doll for a friend who's mother bought this same doll about 27 years ago at a craft show. Katie has always been a hit! She is 18" tall and is soft sculptured. She has flower eyes, hand stitched nose and mouth, sculptured fingers, ears and dimples in the knees. She has a pink with butterflies dress with matching panties and an eyelet pinafore. Her socks are real baby socks with felt shoes. I have hand stitched each strand of her hair on and added ribbons to her ponytails.

She is always a joy to make - she just comes to life right in front of me!!!!!

If you are interested, she is $40.00 plus shipping. She can be made in different colors to suit you.

It has been a great weekend, went to a hosta walk on Saturday and spent the rest of the day in Columbus. I had never been to a Hosta walk - they had over 600 hostas at this farm north of Columbus, Ohio - could have spent a fortune - but only bought a half of dozen. Beautiful speciums!

Thanks for looking!!!!!


Christina Lowry said...

What a cutie! Look at those gorgeous shoes. You have done a wonderful job. :)


Thank you Christina for your comment - I love seeing the dolls come to life!


Tania said...

I think Katie answers just about every doll-loving girl's requirements! (and since she's a softie, I imagine she is lovely to cuddle)...


You are absolutely correct!

Thanks for looking


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Katie is gorgeous! I love all the little details - the flower eyes, the dimples in her knees - she adds up to a delightful package. i am sure your customer was delighted!