Monday, March 30, 2009

Well, here we are - my first art show! This is in downtown Springfield - a brand new gallery - Xcetra Art Gallery. It went very well, regardless of how nervous I was. We had a good turn out for the grand opening. The gallery isn't really done yet - but the possibilities are pretty good. It was a very nice assortment of art including digital, rock sculpting, jewelry, stained glass, fabric and candles that looked and smelled good enough to eat. They were in the shape of a stack of pancakes, tarts, cup of black coffee with a stack of oatmeal cookies - all as candles! Also, there was the watercolor, oil, pastels, color pencils - I know I missed something but, like I said, it was a good opening and I know it will grow!
We had a great time, met quiet a few of other local artist and people who are sincerely interested in art. My pictures will be there for 30 days and then there will be another show. The pictures on the wall are my originals and the ones on the floor are prints.
Now I must get ready for my next show - we are lauching my website this week - please keep looking for that update.
Thanks everyone for looking at my blog!!!!

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